A Respectful, Responsible, Results-driven Leader

It has been a great honor to serve the people of the 49th Legislative District as State Representative. Since beginning to serve the district in 2011, my commitment to the voters has been the same: 

  • To Respect my constituents: people of all beliefs are critical in solving problems and building trust. Civility matters!
  • To be Responsible: tackling the issues that matter while being mindful of unintended consequences that have real-world impacts.
  • To get Results: since 2011, I have accomplished tangible results for my constituents and Washington State as a whole.

Recent Accomplishments

During my time in the Washington State Legislature, my colleagues and I have made significant progress in areas that will bolster Vancouver's economy and provide jobs to my constituents.

  • I was a leader in securing critical funding for our Bridgeview Project and for the roof of the Mother Joseph Academy.
  • I made progress in addressing inequities in our property tax system that hurt low income seniors and disabled people. Although it was too complex to make it through the short, supplemental session, I will be moving this issue forward in January.
  • I was a leader in the successful effort to create a medical school at WSU that will be of benefit throughout the state.
  • Streamlined State's purchasing system and saved taxpayers $1 million in the first year.

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