About Sharon

Solving Problems is nothing new for Sharon Wylie; she’s been doing it her entire career.

Sharon has more than 20 years of management, public relations and leadership experience in business, non-profits and government.  Most recently, Sharon has worked as a Management Consultant with business, non-profit and government clients.  Prior to this she worked as Government Relations Officer for Clark County where she developed yearly legislative agendas, strategy and initiatives.  Some of her successes while working for Clark County include:

  • Obtained funding for the Clark County Center for Community Health
  • Landed a new state crime lab for Vancouver
  • Helped save the county’s shortline railroad
  • Secured $40 million in state funding to complete the Salmon Creek-Interstate 5 interchange

Before working for Clark County, Sharon worked as a Consultant for her own company, Wylie and Associates.  From 1993-1998 Sharon served as an Oregon Legislator in State House District 22 in Gresham.  Sharon is a current board member and past president of Council for the Homeless of Clark County and current board member for the Affordable Community Environments (ACE), a low–income housing development non-profit.

Sharon and her husband Ted have two adult twin daughters.  Sharon earned a BA in Political Science from UC Riverside.  Her hobbies include backpacking, mountain climbing, and oil painting.  Sharon was appointed by the Clark County Commissioners to the Washington House of Representatives on April 14th, 2011.  She serves on the Environment, Higher Education, and Technology, Energy and Communications committees for the remainder of the 2011 session.