Sharon's priorities remain consistent

Highest priority is to do what the McCleary Court case requires: meet our own, bipartisan obligation to fund our basic education system. We need to do this in a way that preserves our safety net and keeps our other obligations intact.

Continue to work to modify & maintain our solar production tax credit, and help Washington move away from fossil fuels.

Fight hard to extend the expiring  funding for programs that address homelessness and the rising cost and availability issues of affordable housing.

Continue to address the challenges in implementing the cannabis initiative in a safe and fair manner.

Better accountability and rigorous examination of our tax incentives and their cost and benefit to the public.

Improve education opportunities for students from early childhood learning to college and job training programs, while keeping those opportunities affordable to families.

Build relationships with new faces from all over the state from both parties in order to make sure Clark County is fairly treated. This will be important in laying the foundation for replacing the I-5 bridge and to support our transition to an integrated mental/physical healthcare system.