Gains of Past Must be Maintained, Current Problems Tackled

Thirty years ago, I fought  for laws dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence that protect  victims from these kinds of crimes.  Today,   individuals are prosecuted  for committing crimes that were once ignored or worse yet not even considered to be  criminal offenses. Today,  our young women can grow up believing that they have a right to dream and accomplish their goals without fear. Today, we must deal with sex trafficking and the exploitation of our children. We must continue to protect and defend the gains that many young people now take for granted.  It is important to remember where we came from and to hold the values that will support young women and girls. It is their right to decide what happens to their bodies and to move forward in the world without fear and intimidation.  We also know that boys and men can be victims and often don't get the support they require. We have not yet created a world of true equality that is free from sexual violence and gender discrimination. There is still much work to be done in this area.