Short and Long Term Approach to Taxation and Loopholes

Our  state  tax code is long and complicated, riddled with subsidies and loopholes  with little knowledge or history of their purpose and their value. Adding a tax break is easy but eliminating an out-dated tax break is another story. For this reason, we have over 640 tax preferences in our code leaving ample opportunity for them to be used for purposes other than their intended uses and offering little to no value to taxpayers. I supported a major law that evaluates these tax breaks to make sure that they serve you the citizens.There are two main questions we need to be  answered when reviewing our tax system:  are these tax preferences fair  both to the taxpayers and our citizens,  and do these tax preferences serve a legitimate public purpose?   Any part of the tax code that fails either one of those questions needs to be re-evaluated. I will continue to fight for a fair and reasonable tax code that serves taxpayers rather than burdens them.