Wylie Committed to Education

The Washington Supreme Court decision  to fully fund  basic education   required that the Legislature  do what  had already been agreed upon in a bipartisan way.  I ran for office because I believe in keeping promises.   Educational reform and achieving high standards in our schools are challenging  tasks but we have made progress  Now, however, we are now faced with the reality of securing the funding to meet the Court’s mandate.  I have a number of ideas on how to meet this fiscal challenge.  An improving economy, new revenue from marijuana and closing unnecessary tax loopholes can help in part.  All states with sales tax based systems are losing revenue they once had through internet sales.  We must  get the federal government to finally take action allowing taxation of internet sales.  We must also look to improve our tax system in ways that do not hurt business growth, fall unfairly on some and slow our economy.  This is not just the job of the legislature, but needs the support of an informed and active citizenry.