Answers to Common Questions

I have been getting a lot of questions about the legislative session and what my plans are for the future.  Here are some answers.  I have both a campaign website and a campaign Facebook page.  Both will be getting more updates now that the legislative session is coming to an end.  When we are in special session or regular session, I cannot legally fundraise or campaign as usual.

Q: When can I find out what happened during the legislative session?

A: The House Democratic caucus has a web page that has a lot of information and the legislative web page has links to bills, hearings, budgets and other information. Soon, I will have a town Hall with my 49th district colleagues.  We had one scheduled but the special session caused it to be canceled. If you want to be notified when we have either regular or telephone town halls, contact my office.

Q: Are you running again?

A: Yes. I plan to stand for re-election in 2016.

Q: How can I donate to your campaign?

A: My campaign website or mail to  1111 main St. Ste 400, Vancouver WA, 98660

Q: When can I donate?

A: I cannot accept donation after the session starts at noon on April 30.  After 30 days on May 30 I can accept campaign contributions.

Q: Where can I hear you speak?

A: I respond to emails even though I receive a lot of them.  I also will come to speak to your neighborhood group, or organization or talk to you on the phone.  I sometimes have coffee shop drop in conversations that will be announced after the session ends. 

Q: What do you use the donations for?  

A: I use your donations to develop ways to reach out to voters.  I believe that it is better to reach out all the time, not just when I need the votes.  There are many complex issues and voters need to have access to the information on issues that affect them.  There are changes under consideration in our healthcare, education, transportation and tax system and making that information available and accessible is part of my job. There will be many candidates asking for your help and some very important races and issues this year and next.  I am asking for early, modest and multiple donations to help me run an effective grassroots campaign.  I do not do robocalls and I do believe that people want more than overly simple and negative approaches.