From Civil Discussion to Disappointment

There is a reason that campaign fundraising is cut off thirty days before the session starts. There is a reason that when a conversation in an office digresses into election stuff it is an oops moment.

This week in Olympia was full of highs and lows. Bills had to clear policy committees by Friday. As vice chair of the Commerce and Gaming Committee we heard a variety of ideas for smoothing the implementation of the cannabis initiative while protecting the public. We moved some onward. I shared a positive TVW spot with Senator Ann Rivers to discuss our work. I was treated with respect by friends on both sides of the aisle. And then things changed.

In the House, there were eruptions of procedural surprises to force divisive partisan issues. The rants about the rule clarification on transgender access to basic facilities continued to engender fear and misinformation. There were rumors from the Senate of intent to hijack well intended efforts to promote problem solving and civil discourse just to "set others up". And then there was the surprise rejection of the governor's Transportation Secretary at a critical point in time. I have served as a member of the majority, the minority and in a tied House. Folks, some behaviors are beyond the pale. This is not how good people serve the public.

Started with civil discussion, enjoyed a sunrise and ended disappointed in people I expected better from.