STEM is good, but STEAM is better

Yesterday I was on a panel with Mayor Leavitt and Maureen Andrade Montegue before the State Arts Commission. They were in Vancouver to hear about our efforts to foster art and culture in our community. It was a great conversation. I am a strong advocate for the arts and music especially as I serve on the technology committee. We need to say STEAM when we are saying STEM. The jobs of the future as well as our quality of life need a vibrant arts culture as well as strong schools with multiple paths to success. The arts have a stronger impact on economic development than a sports arena. Truth.

Coincidentally, morning began with a great conversation with a constituent who was part of the effort led by Val Ogden to find a path to a performing arts center.

Just as we need to find a way forward on the I-5 bridge, we need to ensure that we pay attention to all of the elements of a healthy economy and vibrant community.