"Nature is the Infrastructure of Our Community"

Yesterday I spent a portion of my day driving to the town of Mosier. Our northwest tribal leaders and members, leaders and Members of Riverkeepers and other conservation groups, first responders and elected officials from the town of Mosier gathered by the site of the horrible oil train accident that happened last week. Robert Kennedy Jr. flew in to participate.
A spiritual ceremony began what was an incredibly moving gathering. I want to share several things I learned and understood.

First, despite the amazing containment and oil removal this was a serious event. It was mere chance that the normal strong winds did not blow that day. It was mere luck that the pools of oil along the track did not ignite from the train sparks after they began running trains after initial "clean up".

It was mere chance that the affected rail was a bit farther from the water at that spot than other locations. Initial rumor is that the cause may have been one bolt failing. A bolt that had just been inspected.

The town of Mosier endured cost, disruption and fear for their children who were evacuated.
This easily could have been much worse and the fact that it was not had nothing to do with safety or prevention methods in place. It was luck.

If we are smart we will question what is good for our communities, our environment, our children and our planet for the next 10 generations, not just the next shareholder report. One memorable quote from the event: "We protect our environment because nature is the infrastructure of our community", said Robert Kennedy. Amen.