Campaigning is competition, governing is collaborative

We are now into the partisan part of the election process. But we should not forget that while campaigning is a competition, governing is a collaborative problem solving process. Our community of the Housing Authority, local philanthropists, non-profits, local governments and others partnered to help people out of poverty in an innovative way using best practices. I am talking about the "Bridgeview Project". Check it out!

My colleagues on both sides of the aisle worked with me to make sure that this project and others received state assistance, even in a year of scarce resources. Yesterday I was able to have my good friend Rep. Steve Tharinger, chair of the Capital Budget Committee join our community for celebration and a thank you.

I have also agreed with Rep. Paul Harris to co-chair the next phase of the community fundraising for this project that will greatly help our community and will be a model for our state. In the past, Clark County and Vancouver have been looked to by other regions for innovation and effective, collaborative solutions to complex problems. I am proud to be a part of continuing that tradition.