"Being a leader means investing in ideas for future generations"

Yesterday I was asked to say a few words at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new and artistically extraordinary waterfront feature park. There were some people in the audience that had a much bigger role in bringing that project home to us than I did. The 49th district legislators worked together to bring home capital budget money for the infrastructure and other critical pieces. Jim Moeller has been there as part of our team. The project is so incredible that some of our colleagues from other districts such as Ann Rivers and Paul Harris also supported this waterfront vision.

But Jim Moeller served on the council when the vision of capturing that waterfront and returning it to the public was in development. Being a leader means investing in ideas for future generations. Most of the time, especially with a two year election cycle and in a sound bite world, we don't get to see the big things grow from idea to reality. We forget which leaders are there for the long term good of our community. Jim was not the only one who deserved recognition yesterday, but he has been an extraordinary team mate to me and my colleagues. We cannot do this job without each other.