Consumer protection still a major priority

Many of us are concerned about cyber security and internet crime. Every day we hear about how vulnerable we are. Several years ago I became interested in how the system and stakeholders work together to protect consumers from internet crime. It started with a consultant study I did around residential contracting. With so many folks growing older and remodeling our homes for “aging in place” this is an issue we need to look at. Our governor is one of the few in the country who has been proactive, having a cabinet level expert to make sure your data is protected. The federal government has made decisions that will force the state to look closely at internet gambling and sports betting. It is time to take a comprehensive look at our entire state system of consumer protection, update it, and to seek ways to make it work better. I intend to introduce a bill to update and reform our consumer protection system. If you know about issues that we should consider please contact me!