Why the Wylie Report? Transparency.

In 2014 I wrote a newspaper style campaign piece dubbed the Wylie Report. I inserted into the Columbian newspaper and also posted it with capacity for comments on my campaign website and Facebook page. In 2016 I developed another report. My intent was to be transparent about what I am working on and my priorities as your representative. I received positive feedback from my constituents, so I am doing it again.

There are some differences this year. I do not have an opponent so I have been able to spend more time learning about upcoming issues and preparing for the next session.  You won’t see many of my signs because I already have name familiarity and there are lots of others running who you do not know and who seek your vote. Most folks have mixed feelings at best about the many yard signs and political mail that occurs each cycle.

However, I believe it is part of my job to tell you what my values are and to offer opportunity to comment and tell me what is important to you. We may not agree but I do my best to be responsive.

If you have an issue with state government and need assistance, you can call my office at 360-786-7924. I have a knowledgeable Legislative Assistant, Megan Walsh, to help me respond to the many calls I receive.

For campaign related contacts please use the information provided below in the yellow box. If you are unsure Megan can give you the correct contact method.